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Teversal, Stanton Hill & Skegby


Green Energy Referral Program - How it works in detail

The Climate Change Action Group, part of the Neighbourhood Forum, will coordinate the entire process through a series of emails.  Each new subscriber to the program will be provided with a sign up code around 30 days prior to their current energy supplier's renewal date, this is the start of the process.

  • Mosley’s Flowers, High Street, Stanton Hill
  • Teversal Visitor Centre, Carnarvon Street, Teversal
  • Stanton Hill and Skegby Library, Mansfield Road, Healdswood
  • Skegby Co-operative Store
  • Stanton Hill Co-operative Store
  • Vine Tree Charity Shop, High Street, Stanton Hill

The overall process is as follows:

To register for the program you can enter your details online here, or you can enter your details on the paper forms available from any member of the Neighbourhood Forum


You will shortly after receive a Welcome email outlining the program

Around 30 days prior to your current energy supplier's renewal date you will receive a sign up emal containing a weblink to enable you to sign up to Bulb Energy and get upto a £50 credit (£50 for dual fuel, £25 for single fuel) from your future energy bill

A few days after your current renewal date you will receive a Referral Code Request email which will contain straightforward instructions on how to obtain your own Referral Code and provide a means of emailing your code back to the Program

Your referral code will then be passed on to another subscriber to the Program approximately 30 days prior to their energy supplier renewal date.  Once the new subscriber has joined Bulb Energy, you will be sent a Referrer email by Bulb energy and around 45 days later you should see a further credit of upto £50 (£50 for dual fuel, £25 for singel fuel) from your energy bill

Finally, you will reeive a Feedback email from the Program that will check whether you were happy with the process and allow you to provide comments and feedback.  You will also be asked at this point, on an entirely voluntary basis, whether you would consider donating some of all of your credit amount(s) to help the Forum fight climate change in this area