Public Transport Working Group


The Forum’s Public Transport Group campaigns for better public transport links for our area. One of the things residents complain about most is our almost non-existent and unreliable bus service. Surrounding areas are much better served.


Lack of public transport prevents people who rely on the bus from getting around, prevents them accessing jobs and education and has a negative impact on their way of life and well-being.


Car ownership in Stanton Hill in particular is below average so many residents rely on the bus. For elderly people, being unable to get around increases loneliness and isolation. Residents shouldn’t need a car or a lift from family or friends to get to their place of work, to the shops, to hospital or to access vital services.


Our world is under threat from global warming and our children’s future is at stake. The Forum is working on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the area to a sustainable level, if possible by 2030. One way is to reduce the number of car journeys but for people to leave their car at home we need good bus services.



The Forum is putting pressure on local and national governments and the bus companies. If you want decent bus services join the Public Transport Group and make your voice heard.


  • Mosley’s Flowers, High Street, Stanton Hill
  • Teversal Visitor Centre, Carnarvon Street, Teversal
  • Stanton Hill and Skegby Library, Mansfield Road, Healdswood
  • Skegby Co-operative Store
  • Stanton Hill Co-operative Store
  • Vine Tree Charity Shop, High Street, Stanton Hill