Friends of Stanton Hill


Following the closure of Sutton, Teversal and Silverhill Collieries in the 1980’s and the co-incidental relocation of thousands of textile jobs that were often a second source of income, Stanton Hill entered a period of gradual decline. Now it is near the top of the national league tables of deprivation.


Various initiatives have tried to address this with varying degrees of success but none have stemmed the decline resulting in high levels of cynicism and inertia. The problem is no better illustrated than by Stanton Hill’s struggling High Street.


The Stanton Hill Regeneration Group aims to reverse the situation because the people of Stanton Hill deserve better. Why should we succeed when others have failed?


      Residents, businesses, voluntary groups and educational institutions must help shape a vision for Stanton Hill and help identify the issues that need to be addressed

      Residents, businesses and voluntary organisations need to be enthused so that they play an active part of any strategy

      Regeneration requires coordinated action from a range of public sector agencies and substantial direct investment

      The Regeneration Group recognises that whilst it may be possible to identify quick fixes, any strategy must be long term, which means it will outlast its current members


The Group is already working with Ashfield District Council and the Mansfield/Ashfield Regeneration Team and intends to draw in other outside agencies that can make a valuable contribution. To start the process the Group has prepared a set of questionnaires for residents and businesses designed to tease out the issues that need to be addressed. The results, together with information gleaned from wider consultations, will provide the Group with a sound basis from which to develop a strategy


There is no reason why Stanton Hill can’t be a pleasant and vibrant place in which to live and work, a place that will offer its residents a chance to live fulfilling lives where everyone, young and old, can reach their potential.


If you believe in this vision you’re welcome to join the Group. It’s composed of ordinary members of the public whose only qualification is a desire to make Stanton Hill a better place for themselves and future generations. The more people who become involved the more we can achieve, so come and join us.


You can reach the Group through the Contact Us page of the website.  











  • Mosley’s Flowers, High Street, Stanton Hill
  • Teversal Visitor Centre, Carnarvon Street, Teversal
  • Stanton Hill and Skegby Library, Mansfield Road, Healdswood
  • Skegby Co-operative Store
  • Stanton Hill Co-operative Store
  • Vine Tree Charity Shop, High Street, Stanton Hill