Climate Change Action Working Group


After Sutton, Teversal and Silverhill Collieries closed in the 1980s, the railways became trails and the pit heaps became forest parks. During the process of creating the Neighbourhood Plan, these amenities were some of the most appreciated features in the Plan area 


However, the local geology opens the possibility of further mining or drilling, and the purpose of this Working Group is to monitor this carefully to ensure that our health, amenities and the environment are safeguarded.


We have already provided a response to the Notts County Council Local Minerals Plan in which we highlighted:

  • the potential heath risks of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for the extraction of shale gas
  • the environmental risks of continued depdendency on fossil fuels, including shale gas












  • Mosley’s Flowers, High Street, Stanton Hill
  • Teversal Visitor Centre, Carnarvon Street, Teversal
  • Stanton Hill and Skegby Library, Mansfield Road, Healdswood
  • Skegby Co-operative Store
  • Stanton Hill Co-operative Store
  • Vine Tree Charity Shop, High Street, Stanton Hill

Shale Gas extraction - image courtesy of BBC News