News item - 2014-12-12

Ashfield District Council announces six week period of consultation on proposal for designation of a Neighbourhood Plan area for Teversal, Stanton Hill & Skegby


The planning department of Ashfield District Council sent out the following communication on December 12th, 2014:



"A Group, known as the Teversal, Stanton Hill and Skegby Neighbourhood Forum is proposing to bringing forward a neighbourhood plan. The neighbourhood plan, once adopted, will form part of the development plan for the District of Ashfield and the neighbourhood plan will be utilised in considering any planning application in the neighbourhood. 

In this context, an application has been received by the District Council from the Group for:

a) the designation of a neighbourhood area to the north of Sutton in Ashfield. This is the first stage in bring a neighbourhood plan forward.

b) for the Council to designate them as the Teversal, Stanton Hill and Skegby Neighbourhood Forum under the Regulation set out below. 

Under the provisions of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, the District Council is carrying out a consultation from 15th December 2014 to 2nd February 2015, inviting representations on the proposed neighbourhood area and the designation of the Forum. 

The statement and application made by the Group will be available on the Council's website from 15th December at:,-property-and-housing/forward-planning/neighbourhood-plans.aspx"


You can also find the statement and application on our website here, with a large scale map of the proposed designation area here